My Life and Other Stuff

This travelog is my summer project (I know nobody cares about that, I swear my mom made me write it!).

On this road trip, my mom, my grandma and I drove to Florida and back to Chicago. We stopped in Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Pensacola, Florida and many other cool places. My favorite was Orlando, Florida, where Universal Studios and Disney World are located.

During this trip, my mom made me keep a journal. Here is a conversation we had before the trip:

It's a good thing I did keep that journal, because there really were many impressions. In fact, I could make a whole project for each stop.

Most of the photos on this travelog were taken by me. My mom's will have a green border, and my grandma's will have a blue border. I know nobody cares about that either, my mom made me write it too. Something about copyright. I also made my own animations, like the map on this page. Oh, and of course the webpages for this travelog were made by me as well. My mom helped me a little, but I did most of the work.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to start from the beginning, or select a location from the photos on this page.