My Life and Other Stuff

Let me start with why I put Pensacola and Tallahassee on one page. At Pensacola, there wasn't really that much to see. At Tallahassee, though... No, there really wasn't too much to see there either. But between the two of them, I had enough for one page.

Anyway, let's get to what I did there. When we got to Pensacola, I was happy to discover that the hotel room had a kitchenette. We could cook real food, there was a bigger fridge, and there was a nice big table where we could all sit and have dinner.

Next morning, we went to a state park beach. It was near a city called Perdido Key. The sand there was sugar white and the water was crystal clear. We saw some mollusks that had been uncovered by the water. They could actually dig themselves into the sand! Then they'd get uncovered again, and again, and again. We took some of them out of the sand and watched them dig themselves in.

The morning after that, we went to see a naval aviation base. There's a museum and an area with a lot of different planes that tourists can look at. Also, the pilots practice air stunts every Wednesday morning and crowds of people gather to watch.

You might think I had a lot of fun that day. Well, I didn't. On the way there, I got carsick and had to throw up. I had to use a porta-potty, and it was so hot in there that I got hyperthermia. I had to get treated by a paramedic. He took us to the ambulance, where he gave me some ice packs so I could cool down. He gave us a bottle of Gatorade and told me to drink a little every 5 minutes. The chief of the fire station even gave us a lift to our car so we wouldn't have to walk under the hot sun. As soon as we got to our car, we drove to Tallahassee, but it took a lot longer than we expected. We had to stop every half hour because I was constantly nauseous.

I was relieved when we finally got to Tallahassee. But that quickly changed when I saw the hotel room. It looked like nothing inside it had been washed in years, the drawers came apart when we tried to use them and it was so dirty that we had to take showers in slippers! A cockroach even came out of one of the drawers when we opened it.

In the morning, we decided that we didn't want to eat breakfast at a place where cockroaches lived in the drawers, so we went to Denny's instead. After breakfast, we took a tour of Mission San Louis, a Spanish mission. The whole thing was a reconstruction; the original village didn't survive.

It was founded by the Spanish in the year 1656. They came to spread Christian religion to the Appalachee Indians. Together, the Spanish and the Appalachee built a small village. They lived and worked together.

The Church

The Fort

The Fort

The Spanish House

The Spanish House Indoors

The Spanish House Indoors

While we were there, we saw an Appalachee council house, a Spanish house, a church, a friary(a place where monks live), a fort that was never attacked, and a forge. The Council House is made out of yellow pines and covered with dried palm leaves. Yellow pines are rare because people used a lot of them to make masts for ships. Now, people are trying to regrow the population of these great trees. The whole house is two trees tall. It's huge! And when I say huge, I mean HUGE. This shows that the Appalachee had at least a little knowledge of math and physics. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to build a house so big without it collapsing.

The Council House

The Council House Inside

In the year 1704, the English came to Florida. There were lots of battles between them and the Spanish for control of the land. Eventually, when the English got close to Mission San Luis, the Spanish fled to Cuba. They burned everything so the English wouldn't be able to use it. Some of the Appalachee came, too, but some stayed because they didn't like the Spanish.

For lunch we went to a restaurant called Piggy Barbeque. We got this plate where there was chicken, brisket, BBQ ribs and pulled pork. It was delicious! Too bad they don't have that restaurant in Chicago.

After lunch, we got in the car and drove to Tampa(coming soon!).