My Life and Other Stuff

On our last stop on vacation, we went to Chattanooga, Tennessee and Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.

While we were driving to Chattanooga, we got stuck in traffic for two hours in Atlanta, Georgia. We saw several car accidents along our drive.

In Chattanooga, we went to the Ruby Falls cave. When I first heard the name, I thought the cave had rubies in it. But on our tour, the guide told us that it was named after the wife of the guy who discovered it. We saw lots of stalactites and stalagmites and other cool rock formations. For example, there was one that looked like a potato chip. Another looked like a candle. We had seen lots of caves before, but this one was especially cool because the rock formations were lit up in different colors. The photos never turned out right because without a flash, it was too dark, and with a flash, the colored lights interfered.

When we got to the middle of our tour, there, defying the fact that it was many feet underground, was a humongous beautiful waterfall. It was lit up in different colors.

After we left Ruby Falls, we drove to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Mammoth cave is one of the biggest caves in the world! We took a photo tour. On regular tours, you can't take photos because the flash can make people trip and fall. On this tour, there aren't any dangerous spots and the cave is really beautiful. You can also just wander around a portion of the cave, instead of having to stay with your tour guide.

After we left Mammoth Cave, we drove back home to Chicago. I really liked this road trip. I hope someday I can go to Florida again.